Group: Debt Recovery

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Who looks after my account?

Kredcor assigns a dedicated Relationship Manager to look after your affairs... there is no "call-centre" scenario with us! You will receive personal attention from one of our highly experienced relationship managers.…
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How often do I receive feedback?

When ever you want or need... We are always available, and always willing to assist. You receive detailed monthly written reports on the progress and status on all cases handed over,…
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At what stage must we hand over debt for collection?

This naturally varies from business to business, your industry, terms & conditions and the relationship with your Client(s)... As a starting point, when a debt is overdue for double the…
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Will my company’s image not be tarnished?

Not by Kredcor! We do work for major blue-chip companies and will never ever allow or do anything that may potentially harm our or any of our Client's names!
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Why use Kredcor and not an attorney?

We do not replace attorneys. We fulfill a service which is a necessity before going the legal route. If we are successful, we save you a lot of time &…
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How much does Kredcor charge for collections?

We work on a No-Success No Fee basis. If we do not collect, you do not pay a cent! No hand-over-, Admin- or any other fees or charges payable! Other…
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Which areas does Kredcor cover?

We do Business debt recovery Nation-wide, the whole of Africa and Internationally. We are Appointed Agents for various European companies to handle their Africa Accounts.
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Does Kredcor recover on Consumer Accounts?

No, we do not. We specialise in the recovery of Corporate / Business Accounts only. We will however manage some Consumer accounts for our existing (loyal) Business Clients on an…
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