Group: Risk Assessments

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How long do we have to wait for an assessment?

We finalise & deliver 95% of our Risk Assessments within 8 working hours.
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When is it necessary to do a Risk Assessment?

When you consider taking on a potential new Client who applied for Credit Terms. When there are danger signs with an existing client, like a (negative) change in the payment pattern. Some…
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What happens when you conclude a negative rating?

The decision whether to extent credit facilities or not and the terms applicable naturally remains your's to be made. We provide an opinion, based on the current financial situation and…
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Do you verify the information for accuracy?

All information is verified & confirmed for correctness. We double-check any possible discrepancies, especially where financial considerations and possible influences may be vital.
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Where do you obtain the information from?

We obtain our information from virtually every available source, including the major and international credit bureaus, local information providers and all national and public information sources.
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What is the difference between a Credit Report and a Risk Assessment?

A Credit Report provides you with a wide array of information on a business subject and the subject principals. A Risk Assessment provides you with a professional, calculated Opinion, Rating…
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