Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery Debt Collectors

Kredcor specialize in commercial Debt Recovery and the provision of Credit Risk Assessments. We do business-to-business debt collection globally, on a No-Success No-Fee basis.

NO Hand-over fees; NO Admin Fees….. NO hidden charges!



  • We step in when you have exhausted all feasible collection actions
  • We are not attorneys; our services are essential BEFORE litigation is considered!
  • We take all possible pre-legal steps in an effort to avoid lengthy and costly legal action.
  • We maintain proper documentation of communication & actions to lower possible future legal costs.
  • We treat your clients with the respect they deserve.
  • We will honour your company name under all circumstances! And thus ours.
  • Full legal service available. On your request only. We supply you with a fixed quote beforehand, NO unexpected lengthy bills.
  • We won’t recommend legal action until we regard amicable/ pre-legal payment not to be possible.
  • We will analyse potential risks vs possible rewards… not throwing good money after bad…
  • Report-back is our strength! We afford high value to your “need to know”!
  • Done country-wide & Africa & Globally.
  • Our people always portray a truly professional, hands-on, friendly but persistent and unwavering approach.

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Third party agencies  –  (A Definition from Wikipedia)

A collection agency is a third-party agency, called such because such agencies were not a party to the original contract. The agency takes a percentage of debts successfully collected; sometimes known in the industry as the “Pot Fee” or potential fee upon successful collection. The collection agency makes money only if money is collected from the debtor (often known as a “No Collection – No Fee” basis). Depending on the type of debt, the age of the account and how many attempts have already been made to collect on it, the fee could range from 10% to 50%.                  

Debt Recovery Debt Collectors
Debt Recovery Debt Collectors
Debt Recovery Debt Collectors Cape Town South Africa