Why use Kredcor?

10 Reasons why Blue-Chip Companies use Kredcor: Debt Collectors in South Africa 

  1. Kredcor strictly operates on a No-Success  –  No-Fee basis. We earn our worth!
  2. Open-ended Agreement; NO contractual obligations on you. NO up-front payments.
  3. Kredcor collects the money into your Account; or our  Audited Trust Account.
  4. We appoint a dedicated Relationship Manager to your account. No Call Centre-type run around.
  5. We provide written feedback regularly and you may contact us at will.
  6. We are approved by and work with top Blue-Chip Companies in South Africa.
  7. We are officially appointed Recovery Agents (Africa) for several European-based Companies.
  8. We have a 100% clear record with The South African Council for Debt Collectors; over 22 years!
  9. We are professional, ethical,registered, audited, associatedClean as a whistle!
  10. We take Pre-legal action –  from day one! We don’t waste your time.. and NO running bills..

Debt Collectors in South Africa

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Debt Collectors in South Africa 

The Advantages of using a Collection Agency

It is essential for any business to collect payment successfully in order to keep functioning profitably.  Unfortunately all debtors does not meet their commitments on time, and sometimes not at all. Chances are that you have more pressing tasks at hand than running after these debtors. You also know too well the older an outstanding debt becomes, the harder it is to collect and the greater the chance of having to write it off. 

When all your efforts to collect a debt have been in vain, and you simply don’t have the time to waste towards further attempts, a third-party recovery agency may just be the answer to rectify and/or finalise the problem and assist your business in increasing its bottom line. 

 Successful Debt Recovery

By making use of a collection agency, you increase the probability of successfully recovering overdue and distressed debt. While you are primarily focused on managing your normal daily, weekly and monthly activities, a collection agency’s only goal is to recover delinquent debt. A reputable and well experienced collection agency have trained professionals utilising the best possible practice and techniques to initiate payment from your debtors. They also introduce a highlighted dimension of  “enforced” action being instituted, which may just produce the desired result – Payment!

By introducing a third-party collection agency, you send a message to your delinquent / distressed debtors that you are now drawing the line. 


The reputable collection agency will strictly adhere to all laws, regulations and ethics governing their industry, and in the process ensure that all required processes and its accompanying documentation is correctly utilised and available for possible feature use.

Debt Collectors in South Africa