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Welcome to our website… and to our Business! We are a wonderful bunch of people with one goal in mind… To build a mutually beneficial AND long lasting working relationship with you and your company!

The Kredcor way….

  • Specialist Corporate & Commercial Debt Recovery
  • No Success  –  No Fee. NONE!
  • Collecting across the whole of Africa                                                                      
    Debt Collectors Cape Town

    Debt Collectors Cape Town

  • Cut on time and Attorney costs
  • Your own  appointed Relationship Manager
  • Service and feedback one of our priorities
  • Risk Assessments done in HOURS; not days… 
  • Early detection of potential problematic debtors
  • Minimising bad debt due to the unavoidable “Inherent Risk Factor” of (credit) Clients
  • Best practice for dealing with distressed debtors
  • Engaging in fruitful negotiations with your distressed debtors.

KREDCOR  – Your Risk Management  and Cash-Flow Partner

We are not an “organisation”; we are people working with people, close, personal, involved and up-front, with both you and your Clients. Always protecting and enhancing your company’s good name and image.

Debt collectors Cape Town

Kredcor Khuluma works with you in minimising and controlling your credit risk. 

We build long-lasting relationships and grow & evolve with our Clients.

We continue to focus on partnering with clients to collect their past-due accounts receivable balances and develop strategies to further maximize their Cash Flow and financial results.

The Kredcor Advantage…    

Do you sometimes find it difficult to work with a good client who became a “distressed debtor”?

We determine the root cause of the (non-paying) problem, understand your client, communicate with them and implement best practices for dealing with the situation, without causing any harm to any of the three parties involved.

Are you Sick and tired of lying or ducking-and-diving Debtors?

  • Do you hate pleading with your clients for payment?
  • Shareholders and bosses raising eyebrows?
  • Is your cash flow hampered by overdue accounts?
  • Disappearing debtors making you look bad?
  • Maybe SARS is breathing down your neck?
  • Extra, unnecessary admin to chase debtors wasting your valuable time?
  • Tired of being “caught” by seemingly good clients?

  … Benefit with Kredcor 

We will work with your customers as representatives of your company, not an outside third-party agency. During the first-party collections process, Kredcor strives to be a natural extension of your business office, whilst you retain control and visibility of the process. Initial collection efforts are maximized due to high contact rates and improved customer satisfaction.

Kredcor delivers exceptional recovery- as well as credit assessment services to each of our clients. Our commitment to meticulous planning, disciplined execution, and continuous improvement translates into measurable results. Kredcor provides an array of services across the credit control arena, from early overdue accounts to legal collections. Also Dafault Listings done on non-payers.

 Working with Kredcor will:

 Get your money where it belongs – into your bank account…

  • Reduce debtor days and hence improve your cash flow
  • Resolve & reduce customer disputes
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Reduce your exposure to bad debt & write-offs
  • Save on your legal fees… and save time
  • Allow you to concentrate on core business
  • Stream-line your complete Creditor’s function

Debt Collectors Cape Town South Africa

Debt Collectors Cape Town South Africa

Proudly associated to the Council for Debt Collectors  and ADRA.

Also on GUMTREE    LocalMe;   SA Yellow,    WIKIVILLAGE

Debt Collectors Cape Town .

Although we cover all industries across the board, we do specialise in the following industries:

  • Estates – Home Owners Associations
  • Transport / Freight  / Logistics / Courier
  • Hiring / Leasing  / Equipment Rental
  • Material Handling

Business-to-Business Debt Recovery Services South Africa  –  Africa